Broadcasting :


A television series presenting many signing artists with interviews and live performances at the National in Montreal. Direction and editing of these following broadcasts : La Volée d’Castors, Marco Calliari, Les Charbonniers de l’enfer. HD Video, 45 minutes, 2007

Credits :

With :
Marco Calliari,Lysandre Champagne, Frédéric Péloquin, François Héroux, Carlos Araya Karine Gauthier (lightning), Ghislain Jacques (sound)

Scenario : Suzie Larivée
Research and interviews : Marie-Christine Champagne
Production manager : Luce Champagne

Direction of photography : Mario Calvé
Technical direction : Nicolas Bolduc
Cameras : Denis Dubuc, Jean-François Dugas, Cédrik Frenette,, Alexis Marcoux, Jacques René
Camera assistant : Gabriel Gervais Caron
Production assistants : Alexandre Jacques, Olivier Bolduc-Coutu
Audio broadcasting : Productions La Smala
Pierre Perreault assisted by Benjamin Proulx-Mathèrs

Documentary crew
Camera : Denis Dubuc
Sound recording : Denis Dubuc
Film set photographer : Sylvain Dumais

Video editing : Mario Calvé, Anne-Marie Turcotte
Mixing and sound editing : Robert Langlois (Studio 270 )
Opening animation : Valérie Dupras et Benoit Chagnon
Final editing : Anne-Marie Turcotte (MAS Vidéo Film)

Directing : Mario Calvé
Assistant director : Anne-Marie Turcotte

Producer : Claude Larivée
Executive producer : Suzie Larivée
Line producer : Claude Goulet
Production : Télé-Tribu

© MAS Vidéo Film inc.